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Who We Are

Hans-Ertel-Centre for Weather Research
Climate Monitoring and Diagnostics

The Cli­mate Mon­i­tor­ing and Diag­nos­tics group of the Hans-Ertel-Cen­tre for Weath­er Research is a joint research group of the Uni­ver­si­ties of Bonn and Cologne ded­i­cat­ed to sci­en­tif­ic advance­ments in the field of cli­mate mon­i­tor­ing. Our research is aimed at pro­vid­ing basic research for the Ger­man Mete­o­ro­log­i­cal Ser­vice (Deutsch­er Wet­ter­di­enst, DWD) and to ini­ti­ate and sup­port new devel­op­ments in DWD.

Specif­i­cal­ly, we aim to improve ret­ro­spec­tive cli­mate obser­va­tion by estab­lish­ing a future-ori­ent­ed mon­i­tor­ing sys­tem based on nov­el and exist­ing region­al reanaly­ses. A major focus lies on the exploita­tion of reanaly­sis data with respect to renew­able ener­gy appli­ca­tions.

Web­site on COSMO reanaly­ses